Our department’s vision is to make yours sharp. Because we know how delicate eyes can be, we have made sure to collaborate with regionally and internationally renowned professors to provide our patients with flawless ophthalmological medical and aesthetic solutions. Our services offer the latest in examination and intervention procedures to guarantee efficient and safe results.


  • Full examination of the eye
  • Eye refractory diseases and Laser surgeries
  • Corneal transplant and keratoplasty surgery
  • PHACO, cataract surgery
  • Examination of the retina and optic nerve
  • Computer imaging of the eye
  • Geographic exam and computer analysis of the cornea
  • Ophthalmology for children
  • Eyelid lifting and removal of cysts
  • Tear duct obstruction and diseases
  • Tumor and cancer excision of the eye socket
  • Congenital malformations of the eyelid and socket